Mabel said ‘let there be cherries’ and Domestic Cherry planted its name.

Domestic Cherry exists for reasons already known to you.

Meetings are to meet people, procedure with caution.

Cultivate cherries, take years, decades, lifetimes, don't take minutes.

A cherry planted by committee will grow into a red tasteless apple, with a maggot in it.

Dark is for mushrooms and hiding, spotlight the cherries.

Mabel is the cherry picker, but you are invited to fill your punnet, sharing is compulsory.

Meetings must always be extraordinary, never annual or general.

Stay true to the tree, never budge it with slaves.

If you hug the tree in the morning do not poison its roots with weed-killer in the afternoon.

Remember, cherry is a juicy, shiny word, not made from concentrate and free of artificial.

If a man in wellingtons carrying sawn cherry wood approaches you, fear not, he is fully cherry checked.

Cherry is just for.

Cherry is special and special is you.

No tying people to the tree.

The rules are already in your head.