MABEL: Some people love to shame other people.

BARRY: You must be shamed and often Mabel!

MABEL: On Facebook? Barry ... it was not the place.

BARRY: Yes, it’s where all the plagiarists, women-haters, racists, car thiefs go to die Mabel. High Court on social media. Guilty and therefore shamed. It’s how I show off my radical views and mint intellectual prowess!

MABEL: But what about my feelings Barry? It was just a small typo with a cardigan on.

BARRY: A typo is a major offender of the great Oxford Dictionary - SHAME!

MABEL: But why photograph my typos and put them on Facebook Barry? Ursula has been sharing my shame all morning and now a crowd of sensitive poets are embarrassing themselves exercising their ‘right to miss-spell’ and miss-spelling on purpose. It’s unsightly and disturbing.

BARRY: Your miss-spellings have created utter chaos - they are writing an anthology of miss-spelt poems in your honour - it’s an ugly mess.

MABEL: Will I get a reading out of it?

Poetry Warriors

after Owen Jones

Roy: Are you drooling over Owen Jones again Mabel.

Mabel: I'm not drooling, I'm gaining an education.

Roy: We need to stand above class and think of the nation!

Mabel: I hope you've stopped hugging hoodies, that's so 2010.

Roy: I make it my daily accomplishment. In Asda yesterday, I met a young man who has been homeless for seven years. I hugged him and gave him a Big Mac. Good deeds is what it takes and getting the deficit down.

Mabel: You are merely defending the privileged - a Big Mac! He needs a place to live.

Roy: Well, we can't get too sentimental about the poor. They need to pull themselves up by the bootstraps!

Roll a 6

Mabel: So, why didn’t you answer today?

Barry: I just didn’t feel like it.

Mabel: You are a sweet potato!

Barry: Kanazawa!

Mabel: Do you like red?

Barry: Never. It’s not even a colour.

Mabel: You look so great in red.

Barry: It’s not a colour.

Mabel: You were born to wear red.

Barry: Pink?

Mabel: Sounds like a game.

Barry: Roll a 6.