Domestic Cherry is edited by Mabel Watson and Barry Dicks.

Domestic Cherry was started in 2011 by a pair of Swindon writers, Hilda Sheehan & Michael Scott. They sought to fuse poetry, music and art to transform the Swindon townscape (and anywhere else they might get invited) with all kinds of culture; blurring them into everyday life. They believed the creativity of most people could be accessed via their roving interactive revolution; seizing a power through poetry, conversation and general messing about. Bravo! they declared. They aimed to create and construct an eternal festival of poetic foolery and fun on buses, in town centres and anywhere the unsuspecting public might be caught unawares.

Domestic Cherry annual is published each October as part of the Swindon Festival of Poetry. We welcome submissions of poetry, flash fiction and playlets.  Also black and white artworks/ photography. Please submit your work between 1st September and 31st March each year to: domesticcherrysubmissions@gmail.com