The Rise of Roy

after Hitler: The Rise of Evil (2003) Movie Script

MABEL: Have you heard how Roy's gone Ukip?

BARRY: Does Ursula know?

MABEL: She locked him out of her bedroom. For going Ukip, he quoted something about Aids victims and immigrants and you know how Ursula reacts to that sort of a thing. Since the dog.

BARRY: When I was a boy, I heard the story...I heard the story of the Holy Grail...and how it could only be found by one who was pure of heart. Roy will never find the Holy Grail.

MABEL: Indeed, we have a history of Nationalism in this country. Especially when we fall on hard times. Our economy collapsing. But it's not poverty or weakness that's our's indifference.

BARRY: Is anyone listening? That's the problem nowadays, isn't it?

MABEL: No-one cares.

BARRY: No wonder we face extinction.

MABEL: Pride... pride is a weapon.

BARRY: A sword to be used against our enemies.But don't be deceived. They are strong.
Stronger than we are. And it's not Swindon or Chippenham I'm talking about.

MABEL: Our enemies... live among us.

BARRY: It's the Ukips and the Tories.

MABEL: Communists? Bankers?

BARRY: Roy would say foreign invaders who come to our country to destroy us and take over our lives! Swindonian democracy has given birth to dozens of political factions.But none is growing more rapidly than those Ukips whose fiery speaker... what's his name...Nigel...something...sits in the pub ...preaches against the influence of foreign invaders. Who alone are responsible for the moral decadence that now riddles our society.

MABEL: Roy says they call themselves English! but have always been unwelcome, unwanted, and they are everywhere. He says he is just being honest and has the guts to speak the truth.

BARRY: (In Roy's voice) Invading our government, stripping us of our savings, raping our families and our heritage.(Laughing)

MABEL: Isn't that the Tories?

Enter Roy.

MABEL: Oh, it's good to see you.

 ROY: I've just come from the pub with Nigel.

BARRY: Shame on you. Here's Mabel, she was raised in Chippenham, but don't worry, she's bred from good Swindon stock... Her family's from Wootton Bassett.

 MABEL: I apologise for the mess. I'll have it clean by morning.

ROY: They've asked me if I'd like to join. The Ukips. I haven't... accepted yet.

BARRY: You should we be concerned about them. That's all you need to know. It's club life of the lowest form, Roy.

ROY: But I like the underlying politics.  "The Nationalist agenda must include elimination of the unwanted" he said over a beer, easy enough. You disagree?

BARRY: Oh yes! (In anger, shaking his fist) Just drive them out. Deport them if necessary.

ROY: Can you imagine a world without them?

BARRY: How pure!

MABEL: How holy!

ROY: Do you think...there are any blacks in Wootton Bassett yet?

MABEL: Oh, they wouldn't dare.

ROY: I might move there.

MABEL: (Throws her paddle agitator at Roy, hitting him between the eyes) Oops. Idiots are men like you with nothing to say! ... Shut up!

ROY: (Rubbing his head) When are you women going to learn that extraordinary times demand extraordinary measures?

MABEL: (Picks up her paddle agitator and raises it into the air) I'm prouder of this than of any Iron Cross (throws it again at Roy)