A resigned Roy promotes an INCREDIBLE attack on Mabel as Barry prepares to leave Europe.

Roy: Why should I ever agree when you have us rulebound and powerless? It's not the EU in this house Mabel!

Mabel: Roy! You are using your sexist stereotypes, plotting to strengthen the 2016 EU membership referendum result. I say we need a second referendum, and new house plants. 

Roy: The people have voted! Get over it, or get out you stupid woman. 

Mabel: I'll take the Persian cat with me, back to Persia where it belongs. 

Roy: That's not Europe, and you're not taking my cat. 

Mabel: Get a British Shorthair. Why should foreign cats get to stay, you can't have it all your own way. 

Roy: Leave my cat out of it, Traitor!

Mabel: We should reject this deal and I think you should reject this cat!

Roy: Somebody needs to speak up against the dictatorial way this cat is being fed. I never agreed to Kitti Kat, and it's owned by the French. Traitor! 

Mabel: You are hysterical and aggressive Roy. Have you ever been to Europe?

Roy: I've never even been to Chippenham. It's not safe. 

Mabel: You've got what is known as, “Swindon paralysis” - a type of small-mindedness only grown in small jars with tight lids. 

Roy: We must leave Wiltshire, and the EU, decisively and completely and in a few years time we will wonder what all the fuss was about. It will be like the year 2000 bug. Never happened. 

Mabel: And how do you propose we ever get Barry back?