Delete all cookies, fire an empty biscuit barrel at the moon

An empty warehouse lit by a projected image of YouTube on the far wall.

A figure sits at a laptop with his back to the audience.

He is a wearing a hi vis jacket and woolly hat

A YouTube video of Big Arts Day 2011 plays

The figure turns away from the projection

We hear Barry Dicks’ voice shout ‘You fool’

The figure holds his head in his hands.

The figure reveals himself as Barry Dicks.

The video pauses.

He turns back to his laptop.

A browser history page opens, still projected onto the wall.

Where are you? Backspace, backspace, right click, save as.


Mabel’s disembodied voice loudly fills the warehouse.

Just call Roy. Roy. Roy. Roy.

Watson is that you?

Elementary my dear Barry.

There’s a séance at Ursula’s on Thursday 8 for 8:30pm, be there, two knocks for yes.

Find me Barry. I am have been shared beyond my ‘likes’ I am an invisible Friend Request, I have been retweeted way beyond Swindon to a dark place of freeze dried poetry and giant nappies.

Are you in Oxford?